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Computer Science (Gateway programme BSc Hons)

Gateway to Computer Science Bachelors: Year One
Code Module name Credits
CS1002 Object-Oriented Programming 20 AND
CS1003 Programming with Data 20 AND
CS1101 Computer Science Skills 20 AND
Remaining credits from Level 1000 options

Further requirements

Choose 120 credits in the academic year

In subsequent years students follow the programme requirements for Single Honours Computer Science BSc or MSci as appropriate.

In subsequent years, students follow the programme requirements for Computer Science Single Honours BSc or MSci as appropriate.

Entry to Honours

Students who meet the requirements specified above, and who meet all other programme requirements, will be given automatic entry into Honours programmes.

See: )

BSc Honours

The general requirements are 480 credits over a period of normally four years (and not more than five years) or part-time equivalent, of which the final two years form an approved Honours programme of 240 credits, of which 90 credits are at 4000 level and at least a further 120 credits at 3000 and/or 4000 levels.

Study abroad

In the case of students who spend part of the Honours programme on a recognised Study Abroad scheme, the Programme Requirements will be amended to take into account overseas courses which are approved by the relevant St Andrews School in the Learning Agreement (see ).